How Many Razor Blades Do You Need For A Great Shave?

The supermarket shelves are full of men’s shavers that seem to be competing for how many blades you need on a razor head. Think about how many times in the last few years you have been encouraged to upgrade the number of blades you need and now you must have one that takes a battery to make it buzz and vibrate. So how many razor blades do you need to get the best shave, 3, 4, 5 or 6? Andrew James is the designer and manufacturer of the New Zealand made Goodfella Safety Razor. He could not find a shaving razor he liked so designed his own based on the classic double edged safety razor. Surprisingly this razor only has one blade. James says “You only need one real blade to get a really close shave.” With the open comb design of the Goodfella Safety Razor there is no clogging of the blades with hair and shaving foam. “This results in less stress on your face with the blade doing the work to cut through the beard so there is no need to apply pressure with the razor.” say James “Less stress means an improvement in skin condition.” Benefits of Goodfella Use:

  • A precision made shaving razor
  • Inexpensive razor blades
  • Improves skin condition
  • Enjoy a traditional wet shave
  • Easy to use and very safe
  • The only razor you need to buy now

Many men suffer from shaving related skin problems such as ingrowing hair, razor rash and razor burn. many of these problems are a result of the multi blade supermarket razors.The Goodfella Safety Razor will cure these problems as it helps re-train your facial hair to grow properly eliminating these skin problems. James wants to offer you the best safety razor and shaving products available. Wet shaving is an enjoyment, it is the fastest growing trend in the male grooming market right now. to find out more visit the NZ Shaving Store now. Goodfella Safety Razor


Choptober Grow Your Chops For Charity

Choptober is a Kiwi owned and operated fundraising initiative where participants grow their “Chops” (Sideburns) during the month of October and raise money for charity in the process. The Choptober Foundation (who administers the Choptober event) has managed to raise over $100,000 of sponsorship to date. This has allowed them to realise their dream of being able to pass on 100% of the donations received this October to their five nominated charities. There will be no commissions, no fees, and no cuts made by or for The Choptober Foundation. The Choptober crew are a special bunch. Their hardcore dedication and devotion to the cause is second to none – and it would need to be as none of them are getting paid! They have sacrificed family events, sports games, holidays and many trips to the pub to make Choptober the success that it is today. With Jeremy Mould and Seton Lillas leading the charge to help underprivileged kids all over New Zealand, Choptober 2010 is set to go off with a bang. Choptober 2010 is supporting five awesome charities this year. All money you raise will go to these charities. Here at Goodfella we will be donating 10% of all online sales to Choptober making Goodfella the fund razor of choice. To spread the word they have made this action packed movie. It’s Choptober mate, chops all round!

How To Get The Best Shave

This is how to get the best shave. Before you start make sure that you and your face have been preparing to shave first.

Fill a sink with hot water, dip your badger brush into the hot water, shake off excess then swirl lightly onto a natural shaving soap. With the badger brush just a small quantity of shaving soap is enough for a rich creamy lather. Apply the shaving brush to the face using a circular motion. This will whip up a thick moist lather lifting each hair whilst protecting and lubricating the skin. To get the best results you should take your time as you shave. Always shave with the grain. This is the direction the hair grows and check your neck to see if it grows in the same direction as you face. To do this simply run your finger tip down your cheek, does it feel smooth? Now run your finger tip in the opposite direction, does it feel like sandpaper? Shave in the direction that’s smooth no need to press on just let the Goodfella Safety Razor’s blade do the work. Use your spare hand to hold your face gently taut to create a flat surface for the blade to glide over. Take slow, short strokes first to build confidence rinsing in the sink after each stroke.

Once you gain experience and feel confident you want that smooth as baby’s bum feel then re-lather your face and shave lightly across or against the grain. You simply won’t get a smoother closer shave that this.

New Shaving Products Added to the Goodfella Range

With the refresh of comes a couple of new shaving products. We now make by hand a shaving soap created with natural ingredients and packaged in a beautiful ancient kauri recycled timber box. The soap fragrance is our unique Silver and Black scent. It’s worth a look now. I can tell you the price is NZ$34.00 and replacement shaving soap is just NZ$6.95. This premium nz shaving soap will look after your skin and keep it feeling great.

Seasoned Shaver’s Experience with Goodfella

Over the decades–my beard is now white–I have shaved with straight razors, a Rolls razor, numerous Gillettes, and a handful of German razors with bar guards, open combs, and slanted open combs. None of those would shave me close without tearing up my skin but I find that the Goodfella will.

I tried a Goodfella because it was reputed to be gentle and I had never heard of a gentle open comb, but I almost did not because a number of men have reported on the web that it cannot shave closely; and so a retailer told me as well. So I thought too, when I first tried it, but then I took my heart in my hands and held it so that the blade cut at what would normally be a dangerously acute angle. Not a drop of blood, just the smoothest shave I have ever felt on my face.

Charles M. Ontario