How to get the best shave part 1 pre shave

How to get the best shave

Shaving should be a simple morning ritual that you enjoy and which leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized. You want to know how to get a superior shave well it is best achieved using quality shaving products and techniques. You will need a safety razor, badger shaving brush, luxury shaving soap, hot water and a towel.

Never attempt to shave without first having a hot shower or bath. Hot water and soap softens the beard, opens pores and cleanses the skin. If you don’t have time for a shower you must use a pre-shave product. Facial hair is some of the toughest hair on the entire body. A dirty face can be the cause of infections and razor rash. Massage a soap or facial scrub that contains natural ingredients into the beard and leave it there for a few minutes to prime the hair follicles and remove dead skin cells.


2 thoughts on “How to get the best shave part 1 pre shave

  1. When i have a fresh wet shave i like to combine it with a bath. Over the duration of the bath the hot water gently opens the pours allowing you to cut with ease. Another tip is, When using an electric shaver, before hand, heat up a wet flannel hold it over your face, this again will open up the pours. Combine this with a pre-shaving balm and you should be able to have a smooth shaving experience.

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