Merkur Safety Razors

Merkur Safety Razors are proving to be the worlds most popular brand of wet shaving razors. Merkur has long been known for creating some of the best safety razors on the market. Their razor models range from classic heads to the super popular adjustable and butterfly heads. Their Merkur HD safety razors are perfect for beginners and experts so no wonder it keeps cropping up in the lists of best razors to buy. The good news for kiwis is that the Merkur Safety Razors NZ supplies are increasing with fresh shipments on the way from Germany as we speak.



Kiwishaver Limited Wholesale Supplier of Shaving Products to New Zealand

Kiwishaver has been launched to offer New Zealand businesses wholesale shaving and barber supplies. If you would like to stock any of the top class brands that we carry then do get in touch through the website and we can begin to supply you with all your shaving needs.

What’s an Alum Block?

Alum is the original antiseptic aftershave simply dampened the alum block with cold water and rubbed on your face. The block is made from alum potash which is an astringent that prevents bleeding from small shaving cuts by closing the pores of the skin, reducing redness and razor burn thus leaving your face feeling soft and smooth.

It’s handy to have one in the bathroom cabinet if you are prone to accidentally cut yourself whilst shaving.

The Double Edged Razor

The Double Edged (DE) Razor by Goodfella

100% designed, manufactured and built in New Zealand by Kiwishaver Limited each double edged razor comes supplied with five free double edged blades to get you started and more of inexpensive razor blades can be purchased right here. The double edged razor is the traditional old school shaver that is making a comeback. This open comb design sets the standard in classic shaves ensuring the head never gets clogged with shaving product or facial hair.
The Goodfella double edged razor is perfectly balanced to deliver a smooth and close yet mild shave by allowing the weight of the shaver to deliver the single blade at the optimum cutting angle. Our De Razors are hand finished and built by our skilled team who are passionate about their trades.
The razor weighs in at 80 grammes, the stainless steel handle is 10mm in diameter and 77mm in length. Each head is checked three times during production ensuring strict quality control. Take your pick between the classic bright chrome and the stylish satin black de razors. Built to last it’s the only razor you need to buy now!



A Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

If you are having skin irritation problems caused by shaving then you are probably reacting to something in your shaving soap. Goodfella have developed a shaving soap from natural ingredients. The soap is hand made in New Zealand and contains no chemicals only naturally occurring ingredients.

The rich oils contained in the shaving soap won’t dry your skin but will leave your face mosturised and feeling in great condition. The magical ingredient Harakeke is commonly known as the New Zealand Flax, the extract of this plant has many beneficial properties including anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti acne, skin softening and healing.

The shaving soap is presented in a timber box crafted from recycled 40,000 year old ancient kauri which is a story in itself.

Replacement soaps are really inexpensive so take a look now at the Goodfella Shaving Soap now.

Choptober Grow Your Chops For Charity

Choptober is a Kiwi owned and operated fundraising initiative where participants grow their “Chops” (Sideburns) during the month of October and raise money for charity in the process. The Choptober Foundation (who administers the Choptober event) has managed to raise over $100,000 of sponsorship to date. This has allowed them to realise their dream of being able to pass on 100% of the donations received this October to their five nominated charities. There will be no commissions, no fees, and no cuts made by or for The Choptober Foundation. The Choptober crew are a special bunch. Their hardcore dedication and devotion to the cause is second to none – and it would need to be as none of them are getting paid! They have sacrificed family events, sports games, holidays and many trips to the pub to make Choptober the success that it is today. With Jeremy Mould and Seton Lillas leading the charge to help underprivileged kids all over New Zealand, Choptober 2010 is set to go off with a bang. Choptober 2010 is supporting five awesome charities this year. All money you raise will go to these charities. Here at Goodfella we will be donating 10% of all online sales to Choptober making Goodfella the fund razor of choice. To spread the word they have made this action packed movie. It’s Choptober mate, chops all round!

Grow Your Chops For Charity

Choptober is a Kiwi owned and operated fundraising initiative that aims to donate 100% of the money it raises this October to it’s five nominated charities. There will be no commissions, no fees, and no cuts made by or for the event organisers, The Choptober Foundation.  Please get involved go to and register your interest. They will be giving away prize packs from Goodfella, Primal Earth, Chop, Tiki Taane, Salmonella Dub, Head Like A Hole and 1-daytee to a lucky few of those who

Sharp practice? The razor heads that cost just 5p to make, but sell for £2.43 each

Article from the UK’s Daily Mail
Men are paying over the odds for a clean shave because of a huge mark-up on razor heads.
The products sold by Gillette and other companies cost as little as 5p to make, industry insiders have revealed. But consumers are charged up to £2.43 a piece – a mark-up of more than 4,750 per cent.

Brand names: Gilllette can afford to hire sports stars Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods. The price of shaving products at leading supermarkets is under investigation by the Office of Fair Trading. The Government watchdog is involved in a long-running inquiry into alleged collusion between manufacturers and retailers.
It is alleged that salesmen from Procter & Gamble, which bought Gillette for $57billion (£35billion) in 2005, urged retailers not to cut the shop price of its brands.
A check of Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s found the UK’s three biggest supermarkets are selling Gillette’s Fusion Power cartridges at the same price.
A pack of eight costs £18.53, and the replacement razor heads are so expensive that they are now the most shoplifted product in the High Street.
Special security measures have been introduced, including sealing the packs in boxes with an electronic tag which sets off an alarm if it is not removed before leaving the store, and CCTV that activates if the product is removed from the shelf.
A pack of four Fusion Power cartridges costs only 20p to manufacture, plus 8p for packaging. But they are sold for £9.72 – £9.44.
An industry insider said Gillette takes the lion share – £6.28 – to cover its operating costs and make a profit. Some £1.90 goes to the retailer and £1.26 to the Government in VAT.

Smooth operators: Gillette sell the 5p razors for £2.43, a mark up of 4,750 per cent
The insider said: ‘I know as a matter of fact that it will not cost more than 5p to produce a refill cartridge, it is a question of pennies given the bulk involved, yet Gillette is charging a wholesale price which is much higher.
‘The figures tell you why it can afford to use stars such as Tiger Woods on its payroll (for advertising) and how it could afford to give David Beckham a diamond-encrusted mach3 razor for Father’s Day some years back costing $54,000.
‘With the Gillette products, the company is so dominant that it is able to spell out the terms of sale, including the price they want to see, to retailers.’
As well as Beckham and Woods, Gillette has splashed out large amounts of money on tennis star Roger Federer and footballer Thierry Henry to help market its products.

Cost to produce and the profit made on blades

Cost to produce and the profit made on blades