The Double Edged Razor

The Double Edged (DE) Razor by Goodfella

100% designed, manufactured and built in New Zealand by Kiwishaver Limited each double edged razor comes supplied with five free double edged blades to get you started and more of inexpensive razor blades can be purchased right here. The double edged razor is the traditional old school shaver that is making a comeback. This open comb design sets the standard in classic shaves ensuring the head never gets clogged with shaving product or facial hair.
The Goodfella double edged razor is perfectly balanced to deliver a smooth and close yet mild shave by allowing the weight of the shaver to deliver the single blade at the optimum cutting angle. Our De Razors are hand finished and built by our skilled team who are passionate about their trades.
The razor weighs in at 80 grammes, the stainless steel handle is 10mm in diameter and 77mm in length. Each head is checked three times during production ensuring strict quality control. Take your pick between the classic bright chrome and the stylish satin black de razors. Built to last it’s the only razor you need to buy now!




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