A Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

If you are having skin irritation problems caused by shaving then you are probably reacting to something in your shaving soap. Goodfella have developed a shaving soap from natural ingredients. The soap is hand made in New Zealand and contains no chemicals only naturally occurring ingredients.

The rich oils contained in the shaving soap won’t dry your skin but will leave your face mosturised and feeling in great condition. The magical ingredient Harakeke is commonly known as the New Zealand Flax, the extract of this plant has many beneficial properties including anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti acne, skin softening and healing.

The shaving soap is presented in a timber box crafted from recycled 40,000 year old ancient kauri which is a story in itself.

Replacement soaps are really inexpensive so take a look now at the Goodfella Shaving Soap now.


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