Choptober Grow Your Chops For Charity

Choptober is a Kiwi owned and operated fundraising initiative where participants grow their “Chops” (Sideburns) during the month of October and raise money for charity in the process. The Choptober Foundation (who administers the Choptober event) has managed to raise over $100,000 of sponsorship to date. This has allowed them to realise their dream of being able to pass on 100% of the donations received this October to their five nominated charities. There will be no commissions, no fees, and no cuts made by or for The Choptober Foundation. The Choptober crew are a special bunch. Their hardcore dedication and devotion to the cause is second to none – and it would need to be as none of them are getting paid! They have sacrificed family events, sports games, holidays and many trips to the pub to make Choptober the success that it is today. With Jeremy Mould and Seton Lillas leading the charge to help underprivileged kids all over New Zealand, Choptober 2010 is set to go off with a bang. Choptober 2010 is supporting five awesome charities this year. All money you raise will go to these charities. Here at Goodfella we will be donating 10% of all online sales to Choptober making Goodfella the fund razor of choice. To spread the word they have made this action packed movie. It’s Choptober mate, chops all round!


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