How To Get The Best Shave

This is how to get the best shave. Before you start make sure that you and your face have been preparing to shave first.

Fill a sink with hot water, dip your badger brush into the hot water, shake off excess then swirl lightly onto a natural shaving soap. With the badger brush just a small quantity of shaving soap is enough for a rich creamy lather. Apply the shaving brush to the face using a circular motion. This will whip up a thick moist lather lifting each hair whilst protecting and lubricating the skin. To get the best results you should take your time as you shave. Always shave with the grain. This is the direction the hair grows and check your neck to see if it grows in the same direction as you face. To do this simply run your finger tip down your cheek, does it feel smooth? Now run your finger tip in the opposite direction, does it feel like sandpaper? Shave in the direction that’s smooth no need to press on just let the Goodfella Safety Razor’s blade do the work. Use your spare hand to hold your face gently taut to create a flat surface for the blade to glide over. Take slow, short strokes first to build confidence rinsing in the sink after each stroke.

Once you gain experience and feel confident you want that smooth as baby’s bum feel then re-lather your face and shave lightly across or against the grain. You simply won’t get a smoother closer shave that this.


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