Seasoned Shaver’s Experience with Goodfella

Over the decades–my beard is now white–I have shaved with straight razors, a Rolls razor, numerous Gillettes, and a handful of German razors with bar guards, open combs, and slanted open combs. None of those would shave me close without tearing up my skin but I find that the Goodfella will.

I tried a Goodfella because it was reputed to be gentle and I had never heard of a gentle open comb, but I almost did not because a number of men have reported on the web that it cannot shave closely; and so a retailer told me as well. So I thought too, when I first tried it, but then I took my heart in my hands and held it so that the blade cut at what would normally be a dangerously acute angle. Not a drop of blood, just the smoothest shave I have ever felt on my face.

Charles M. Ontario


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